(Application Library Browser Environment)

New application platform for connecting to and managing business applications and processes for any mobile device.

Want more out of your mobile device? We certainly did.

Design, create, deploy and execute any business process or application for any mobile device including IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

ABLE Components

ABLE Portal

The ABLE portal is an administrator tool that enables system administrators to quickly create and deploy a library of applications and business processes designed specifically for your preferred mobile device.

ABLE portal has the following components:

- Application Discovery
– Report Designer
– Workflow Forms Designer
– Security Manager
– ABLE Publisher

ABLE Analytics

Engage with your corporate data using beautifully designed interactive analytics that bring your corporate data to life.

ABLE Analytics™ takes data from multiple data sources and, using the ABLE portal, you can create analytics and reports that provide insight and clarity to your corporate data.

ABLE Analytics™ Components
– Data Views
– Charts
– Reports


Use the ABLE Workflow engine enABLE™ to create and deploy workflows. From basic tasks to complex rules workflow, including built-in user assignment and escalation processes, enABLE™ provides a robust workflow creation and management tool.

enABLE™ allows for the creation of both Workflows and Analytics on the same form.

enABLE™ Components
– Workflow Manager
– Workflow Creation
– Workflow Discovery
– Forms Designer


With its multi-layered security framework, ABLE offers enterprise users a secure architecture with industry-standard features to guarantee the security of your data at all times. ABLE security features include – SSL 3.0/TSL – Client App authentication – Single Sign on with SAML 2.0 – Offline Mode – File encryption and expiration

Remote Application

Remote Application Connection allows a user to remotely connect to an application that is running on a desktop machine. ABLE Remote application uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) developed by Microsoft and provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to an application.

IOS Client

The first release of ABLE supported the old IOS 6 for IPAD and the next release will support the newly released IOS 7 for IPAD. with the iPhone and Windows mobile following shortly afterwards.


ABLE allows a user to create, deploy and execute any business process or report for any mobile device.

The ABLE workflow engine enABLE allows a user to create complex workflows that embed any application function. This allows a business user to build up a library of applications and business process.

This easy-to-use platform offers a fundamental new approach that gives businesses the freedom to choose the internal application, business logic, data sources and deployment environments that they wish to deploy to any mobile device.

Support your user-base with internally networked or cloud-enabled application platforms which provide your user with a library of your crucial applications and business processes.



Project start. First components creation.

ABLE Portal

  • Full Analytics set-up support including connections, views, charts and reports
  • Basic Workflow Support including W/F discovery, forms designer with simple controls
  • ABLE Publisher interface to IOS 7 (iPAD)

IOS Client (iPAD)

  • General navigation (application view, categories view)
  • Analytics interactive reports
  • Simple Workflow execution


  • Workflow engine development that can interact with any external API or database

iOS client

  • Deployemnt to the APPLE store!


  • 2nd factor authentication using SMS

Functionality enhacements

  • Document browser
  • Enhanced control features supported by the Workflow
  • Improved IOS client usability
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Android platform support
  • Native applications support
  • Offline support
  • Remote Data wipe implementation

New Client Devices

  • iPhone first release
  • Windows Mobile client first release

About Us

JE software is a new startup formed in 2012 with the sole purpose of developing a new software offering called Application Browser Library Environments (ABLE).

Based in the UK with technical collaborations in Europe, JE hopes to bring to market a new platform for deploying applications on mobile devices.

Our basic idea is a seemingly simple one: do not just bring your own device, but use it, unleashing its full capacity.

Companies make major investments in business productivity applications that allow them to execute their day-to-day activities. This investment can be further leveraged by making these applications available on mobile devices.

The “Bring Your Own Device” paradigm has failed to take-off because users are using mobile device primarily as an email client and a web browser.

Our approach is to provide a platform that allows companies to deploy any application in their suite of programs to any mobile device.

ABLE™ allows a company to model its complex workflows and recreate its corporate reporting suite.

Using the ABLE portal, these workflows and reports can be published to any mobile device that is authenticated and connected to the ABLE portal.

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